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Explanation of the protocol
In our Privacy Protocol we use the following definitions, referring to the ‘Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming’ (AVG):

Protocol: this privacy protocol
Privacy legislation: ‘Algemene Verordening Gegevensbescherming’ (AVG)

Esther Jörg | People development is not allowed to simply process the information that you provide. The
privacy legislation is intended to protect the privacy of individuals. By this legislation, the use of your
personal information by others is restricted. On the basis of this legislation, Esther Jörg | People
Development has a duty to its customers to:

• Inform about the manner and the purpose with which data is processed.
• To report who has access to the data
• Ask permission for processing certain data

Esther Jörg | People Development values your privacy. Therefore, Esther Jörg | People Development shows with this protocol how they deal with your personal data, what the purpose is for using your data and for which of the data they will explicitly ask permission.

2 The data and the purpose of using this data
Providing data to third parties Duties/Secure access/Confidentiality/Retention period

Esther Jörg | People Development processes your personal data exclusively in accordance with the law. This means that the personal data will only be processed for the purpose for which they were acquired originally and will be processed properly and in accordance with the law and this protocol. Your personal data can only be viewed by people working for Esther Jörg | People Development, unless stated differently in this protocol. All your personal data are protected against unauthorized access. The security consists of:

• Having a personal password for every person working for Esther Jörg | People Development in
order to log in properly in digital systems.
• The people working for Esther Jörg | People Development guarantee confidentiality with regards
to all of the personal data provided to Esther Jörg | People Development
• Esther Jörg | People Development has taken technical measures in order to protect the digital
systems for external infringements, according to the privacy legislation
• Your personal data will not be stored longer than necessary for a proper administration. Esther
Jörg | People Development uses a period of two years after the last invoice, after which the data
will be deleted. If legislation is subject to change, Esther Jörg | People Development will adhere to
the actual legal retention period. Esther Jörg | People Development might process your data if you are or will be a customer. They will collect personal information such as name, address, telephone number and email address and has access to other information related to Job title, Job grade, labor agreement, ambitions and information related to personal wellbeing. These personal data enable us to:

• To be able to deliver our service
• To be able to approach our customers or participants directly, if necessary
• To be able to handle the agreement with customers properly
• To further improve and develop our services
Esther Jörg | People Development will not provide personal data to others outside the company, unless:
• It is required by a legal regulation• That is necessary for the execution of an agreement that has been concluded with you
• You have given permission for this

3 Your rights as a data subject
If you want to make use of your rights, you can send an email to
If your request will be rejected, the reason behind will be explained. One of the reasons could be that your file contains information that is of significant importance for others. To your request you will receive a reply within one month. If you have a complaint with regards to processing your data, you can contact Esther Jörg | People Development by email ( or phone (06-52305301) and they will do their utmost to find a solution, together with you. If you have any other comments, questions or suggestions, please inform Esther Jörg | People Development. Of course, Esther Jörg | People Development will handle your request, questions or complaints with care.

Privacy protocol, September 2020
• Right to be informed: the right to know whether and what of your personal data will be processed
and with what purpose. • Right of inspection: the right to view and receive the personal data, to the extent that it does not harm any other person’s privacy.
• The right to correction, addition or removal of data if necessary. The right to remove personal
data can only be submitted if the collection of the data is not of significant interest of others and
the data should not be saved according to current legislation.
• The right to object. The right to object to the processing of your data in certain cases.
• The right to data portability. The right to receive personal data form you in order to transfer to
another organization
• The right to a human view on computerized decisions. With a computerized decision, you have
the right to have the decision taken by human interference.

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