These are the people close to my heart

The professionals I work with:  my tribe


I proudly present you my tribe

With a group of seasoned professionals, I love to co-create the best development programs for your company. All within our own expertise and specialism, we provide you with the best of our skills, knowledge and experience. These are the people I trust and are close to my heart. They live their purpose, embrace diverse perspectives and master their skills. They keep challenging themselves and each other. An eco-system with professionals that contribute to the organizations of the future. I proudly present you my tribe. 

Paulien Adriana Presence & visibility
Jordy Veth Mastery facilitator
Lianne Bijleveld Changemaker
Annemarie Reeuwijk Leadership & career coaching
Sandra Tiedink Leadership & career coaching
Moniek Wolters Leadership & career coaching
Me & my tribe

How this works

You’ll work with me and at the same time get to benefit from the knowledge and experience of these professionals. Per assignment I check who of them fits the most and shape the best possible team to support your company. My tribe is a dynamic circle that connects around quality, passion and a customer oriented approach. We build on the current zeitgeist, just as the strategy, values and culture of your company.

Together we will keep moving forward, like a swarm of birds that find each other when necessary, but also feels comfortable in operating autonomously. Working from passion and purpose, we shape the future of learning. 

Why I love this bunch of people? They live their purpose, embrace diverse perspectives and master their skills.

Marian Fölser Coach, Therapist, Trainer & Yoga teacher
Rebekka van Praag Personal & authentic leadership
Noël de Rooij Empowerment coaching & training, Impro theater
Japke Keesmaat Training & coaching for young professionals
Danielle Poortenaar MapsTell guide, Career coach & trainer
Charlotte de Jong Psychologist, Coach, Trainer & Training Actress
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African proverb

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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