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Next to developing and challenging the people I work with, I also continuously challenge and stretch myself. Exploring new territory, out of my comfort zone. Believing it will teach me how to be a better coach, a better trainer, a better person. Learning to be comfortable with the uncomfortable. I strongly believe we are all meant to shine. And stars can’t shine without darkness.

Esther Jörg
Esther Jörg
people development
Coaching Community

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Boost your business

I am always striving for better
results, more service and
genuine connections.

Let's lift eachother up

With a circle of seasoned professionals, I love to create the best tailor made programs. Together with you.

Get inspired

With profound models and methodologies, we work towards future proof behavior. Let’s make you grow.

Coaching Community
Things you need to know

Let's manage your expectations

Your sequence of actions is quite simple. Follow the three main steps and your training will begin in the next free stream. After paying for the training, your coach will contact you and give you access to your personal account

Choose your course

Go to the course catalog and select the one you are interested in. If you are at a loss with your choice, please contact us on the hotline. Check out the most popular courses on our chart.

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1800 310 10 10
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Sending your data will allow us to quickly get to know you and make everything right. All your data is protected and will not be passed on to third parties. We guarantee your anonymity. Or use our quick application form.

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After processing your application, our system will offer you to make payment in any way convenient for you. We work with almost any type of payment. Check out the available payment systems.

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Coaching Community

Invest in your business

We have built a unique learning process. Serious online learning experience allows you to achieve impressive results. Join hundreds of successful students

Per intervision

  • 1 time
  • 2 hour intervision
  • Coaching & exercises
  • Learning & connecting

A full year

5 times
$ 225
  • 5 times
  • 10 hours of intervision
  • Coaching & exercises
  • Learing & connecting

Program participants

& Business partners
  • Every time
  • 2 hour intervention per meeting
  • Coaching & exercises
  • Learning & concceting
Coaching Community
and get inspired
Excited? Great!Join our community & get inspired.
African proverb

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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