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for coaches & companies



Learning & development community

‘Let’s shape the future of learning together’.

A group of professionals of large companies, that are passionate about Learning & Development, who want to shape the future of learning and grow together.


What to expect:


  • Inspiring events where the future of learning & development is the overall theme. Every time another topic is being covered, like autonomy vs. connection, personal leadership, resilience or a digital future.
  • A LinkedIn group where we share inspiring messages and exchange experience.
  • Access to a group of likeminded professionals, who share information & fun.
Let's unlock our potential.
And shape the furure of learning
And lift eachother up

Let's grow together

I strongly believe in building ecosystems; growing together organically. It’s like a swarm of birds, fluidly moving around each other, shaping in different formations. This is a dynamic and agile way of working. And requires for the participants to be authentic, self aware, resilient and open to continuously learning & shaping. To my vision, this is the only way forward to innovate and to shape the future of learning. Together we explore new territory. Helping each other in getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.


Are you passionate about learning and development? And into exploring new territory together? Be welcome to join one of my communities. Together, we will make each other shine.

Coaching community

‘build your businesses’.

For all coaches and trainers who are:

  • Fed up with doing it all by yourself (‘inventing the wheel’).
  • Seeking for connection with likeminded people.
  • Into boosting their entrepreneurship.
  • Open for exchanging inspiration and experiences with other entrepreneurs.
  • Believe in the power of abundance.
  • Trust in that we all have our unique profile and offer to the market, that keeps growing.
  • Into lifting each other up.
  • Who want to share their light as well as their darkness.
African proverb

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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